Sencor Rice Cooker 1.8L, Red

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  • Brand:Sencor
  • Model Number:SRM1891R
  • Type:Rice Cooker
  • Color:Red
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Interior surface:Non-stick surface
  • Volume:1.8 L
  • Power:830 W
  • Power supply:220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions:280 x 320 x 230 mm
  • Weight:3.7 kg
    • The automatic rice cooker and It manages work with an overview without needing your assistance or control. It will prepare rice exactly as you like it and even better! Shops offer a wide selection of many kinds of rice and you can taste all of them and find your favorite among them. Simply enjoy the top-notch taste of rice! With the KEEP WARM mode, It keeps the rice at the optimal temperature for 6 hours after boiling.
    • It can even easily feed a large family. Sencor equipped with a removable cooking vessel of 1.8 l capacity, in which will prepare 1.3 kg of rice at a time. You fill several plates without batting an eye with such a portion. In addition, the cooking vessel provides excellent heat transfer to all sides and has a high-quality non-stick inner layer to which the rice will neither stick nor burn.
    • Sencor equipped with a super steam cooking partner, a steam basket. This type of cooking is very healthy and preserves valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals. In addition, you can prepare almost all foods in it.
    • It enables easy handling in just a few steps! Perhaps most of all you will like the possibility of opening the lid through the switch, which opens slowly without having to touch the hot lid. And with a movable handle, you can simply carry me from place to place whenever you want.
    • Equal Heat Distribution Technology ensuring perfect results
    • Unique steam release valve prevents the pot from overflowing while cooking
    • Special pot for cooking rice
    • It works on steam cooking principle
    • The outer body is made from stainless steel
    • Volume 1.8 L (for cooking 1 500 g of rice)
    • Fully automated operation
    • Appropriate for cooking all types of rice including rice for Sushi
    • Automatic shut off when cooking is finished, it then switches to the "Keep Warm" function (keeps rice warm for up to 6 hours)
    • Glass lid with an opening for the release of excess steam
    • Practical handles on both sides of the bowl
    • Easy cleaning (removable internal container with a non-stick surface)
    • Indicator lights for cooking and the keep warm function
    • Anti-slip feet
    • Protection against overheating
    • Protection against water boiling away
    • automatic shut off when cooking is finished
    • Supplied accessories: special spatulas for rice, rice and water measuring cup, steam basket
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