Sencor Multi-functional Vita Fryer 11L, White

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  • Brand:Sencor
  • Model Number:SFR5400W
  • Type:Air Fryer
  • Color:White
  • Volume:11L
  • Power:1800W
  • Cooking Programs: 12 Pre-Set programs
  • Detachable Nanoceramic Filter
  • Timer: 60 Minute with Alarm
  • Temperature Control Range: 60°C - 200°C
    • Multifunctional deep fryer that works with hot air. It can handle countless food products without added oil. The meals make have a perfect, authentic taste with almost half the fat content of fried ones. It can make quick and in many ways healthier meals and because It is multifunctional, It can also cook a whole chicken or a great homemade cake.
    • It saves a lot of work and time. Its volume is large enough to process delicious food for several people at once, and even quite quickly depending on the food being prepared. It distributes the hot air evenly throughout the area to take care of all the food products without your assistance or frequent checking.
    • In accessories you will find everything you need to get the most out of all 12 preset programs. Unleash your imagination and use the accessories for the other favorite goodies you love. In the packaging you will find an attachment for mixing food products which you will certainly appreciate, because it will take care of automatic mixing during the process. It also have a 25 cm pizza tray, an attachment for frying and roasting chicken, and of course a heat-resistant handle to carry ready-made delicacies. It can handle a tremendous amount of meals, home-made meals, frozen, pizza, steak, burgers, cakes or whole chickens with the programs. It automatically set the time and temperature, which you can adjust as needed for all programs. There are few hot air deep fryers on the market that offer high quality and diverse features at an affordable price.
    • Perfectly arranged touch panel with LED display and light indicators! All programs are shown in two rows on intuitive icons. You do not have to search or set up anything, just press! The same rule applies to temperature, time and function settings. You can comfortably set the time 1-60 min and the temperature 60-200 ° C. You can also use this setting for the preheat function, with which ready for action in just three minutes.
    • Sencor primarily placed emphasis on the health of all my users during production. With a removable nanoceramic filter, It absorbs all the potential odors and fumes so It can work comfortably anywhere and anytime, whether it's summer or winter. Of course, It also guarantee safe handling with an overheating safety device, a non-slip base, a standby mode when idle and especially high-quality materials.
    • Healthier Alternative to Traditional Frying Methods
    • Total Volume 11 L
    • 12 Pre-Set Cooking Programs
    • Double Heating Elements Design Makes Cooking more Efficient
    • LED Display
    • Touch Sensitive Control Panel Very Easy and Friendly to Use
    • Ready to Use in 3 Minutes
    • Special Air Flow System
    • Removable Non-Stick Frying Basket for Easy Clean up
    • Cool to Touch
    • Auto Shut-Off
    • Detachable Power Cord
    • Pre-Fried Fries
    • Fish / Seafood
    • Hamburgers
    • Pizza
    • Steak
    • Frozen Chicken Drumstick
    • Home Made French Fries
    • Chicken
    • Cake
    • Cookies
    • Vegetable
    • Defrost
    • Frying Pot + Stir Blade
    • Pizza Pan
    • Grill Rack
    • Chicken Rack
    • Handle
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    Brand Sencor
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