Sencor Coffee Maker 2.1L, Black

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  • Brand:Sencor
  • Model Number:SCE5000B
  • Type:Coffee Maker
  • Color:Black
  • Kettle material:Glass
  • Capacity:2.1L
  • Power cord length:87 cm
  • Power:900W
  • Dimensions:36.2x24x23 cm
  • Weight:1.8kg
    • The SCE 5000B coffee machine and my big advantage is the large volume of 2.1 liters. You will enjoy excellent drip coffee or loose tea from the comfort of your home, easily even 14 cups in one batch. Simply regulate the aroma intensity, just as you like it. It's so easy! The design is really striking, Sencor made in black and white for fans of dark and light colors.
    • Sencor made it with a permanent removable filter that is easy to clean. You do not have to think about buying a paper filter, It will prepare coffee in great quality even without it. Plus, you don't have to reheat your coffee again! It has a hotplate to keep the beverage / tea temperature optimal for an adequate amount of time.
    • It has a kettle of 2.1 liters, made of quality glass with a practical lid, a thermally insulated handle and an indicator of the drip coffee amount. The Drip Stop system immediately stops dripping when It remove the kettle during the dripping process. This allows safe and easy handling throughout the preparation. The anti-slip feet ensure perfect stability and the safety lock prevents from overheating. Come and try a super coffee machine at a great price.
    • Ideal for brewing 14 cups of percolated coffee at once
    • Tea brewing option
    • Glass kettle (2.1 l) with a practical closable lid
    • Heat insulated kettle handle
    • Aroma intensity control
    • Option to use disposable paper filters (size 4)
    • Non-stick hotplate for maintaining optimal serving temperature
    • Water level mark on the tank and kettle indicating the number of cups
    • Main switch with a power indicator light
    • Anti-slip feet
    • Overheating protection
    • Articulated filter
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    Brand Sencor
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