Sencor Automatic Espresso Machine 19 bar, Silver

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  • Brand:Sencor
  • Model Number:SES8020N
  • Type:Espresso Machine
  • Color:Silver
  • Espresso type:Automatic
  • Pressure:19 bar
  • Water container capacity:1.1L
  • Noise level max.: 70 dB
  • Power cord length: 95 cm
  • Power:1470 W
  • Power supply: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions:410 × 180 × 315 mm
  • Weight:8 kg
    • You can enjoy a cup of coffee just like from a professional lever coffee machine! The construction and technical design ensure all necessary processes for the preparation of a full-fledged espresso.The Automatic Espresso Maker with a slim body of 180 mm and a 1.1 liter water tank. It will save a lot of space wherever you put it and elegant appearance will delight you.
    • You can select one more automatic program. Not only do prepare an excellent espresso or lungo, It also has a Double shot option for extra strong coffee. It also has a steam nozzle to whip up milk to make your coffee more gentle or for your favorite cappuccino. You can also make American coffee or tea, thanks to the clever function for hot water.
    • Well-prepared coffee is the result of following several important procedures. One of them is pressure.It is 19 bar and that is of great importance for the final taste and aroma of the coffee. Properly compressing the ground coffee and then pre-brewing it releases many of the ingredients that make espresso the perfect cup of quick coffee. Pre-brewing takes place under low pressure, which causes the coffee to swell with water, and then hot water flows under full pressure.
    • Another important point for the perfect taste of espresso is the coarseness of freshly ground coffee. Sencor equipped me with 5 levels of grinding, with which you can adjust the coarseness according to your preferences. It grinds whole bean coffee with a high-quality stainless steel grinder, that will keep aroma intense. It holds up to 150g of fresh coffee in the reservoir and prevent its aroma from escaping with a clever cap.
    • The water temperature is also very important for the coffee brewing process. The ideal temperature for making espresso is 90 ° C . The Thermoblock heating system controls the optimal water temperature so that your coffee is always the best.
    • Operation is simple and intuitive and just one finger is sufficient! The illuminated icons on the LED touch panel guide you to where you need and excellent coffee will be ready and prepared for you in just a few seconds. It adjust to the height of the cup with the adjustable dispenser because the flow of coffee from the ideal height creates a delicious cream, which is indispensable for coffee.
    • Even it can run out of water or coffee, so it has several signaling icons to draw attention to individual needs just for these cases. These include refilling water, coffee, cleaning the rest of the coffee from the reservoir, but also the need for Self-Cleaning.
    • Steam nozzle for delicious latté and creamy cappuccino with milky micro-foam
    • First drop of your favourite coffee already after 42 seconds
    • Patented steaming unit – advanced technology in a compact size
    • Steaming unit can be washed in a dishwasher
    • Espresso, Double Shot and Lungo programs started with a single touch
    • Hot water function for brewing americana or tea
    • Grinder from stainless steel for precise grinding
    • 5 grinding level setting will meet all expectations
    • Coffee hopper capacity of 150 g for your favourite coffee beans
    • 1.1-litre removable water tank always ensures supply of fresh water for your delicious coffee
    • Thermoblock heating system ensures optimal water temperature
    • Highly-adjustable coffee dosage
    • Pre-steaming system for fuller coffee flavour
    • Coffee cup size memory function
    • Illumination of cup
    • Water tank refill signal
    • Coffee bean refill signal
    • Empty grounds container signal
    • Descaling requirement indicator
    • Display
    • Swivel Steam Wand
    • Automatic decalcification
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