Selfie Sericin Botanical Facial Soap

Selfie Sericin Botanical Facial Soap
Product Description
  • Clear soap to clean the face with natural formula
  • Suitable for people with sensitive skin. Helps control oiliness on the face and reduce the cause of acne, make the skin look radiant
  • Non-chemical and gentle for the skin, Herbal fresh soap by cold-pressed process helping to deeply clean the pores
  • Control acne bacteria,brighten skin tone and get rid of black spots while keeping the skin hydrated and recover longdamaged skin
  • Suitable for face massage to stimulate blood flow keeping the skin refreshing
  • Product from thailand Reduce acne, melisma and spots
  • Use herbal fresh soap cleanse the facial skin
  • For best result use twice daily, day and at night
  • Silk cocoon extract (Sericin powder) : Natural structural properties consist of important amino acids, Sericin and Fibroin, able to absorb water well. Helps increase skin moisture stimulate collagen production Protects the skin from external pollution and gives the skin a soft touch like silk
  • Botanical Extract : A perfect natural ingredient. Anti bactearial from nature that is highly effective and gentle on the skin
  • Anti-inflammation from nature with high efficiency. It helps to reduce the effects of acne inflammation as well
  • Honey: Add natural moisture to the skin
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