Flamingo Scortal Support

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  • Brand Name FLAMINGO
  • Package Dimension: L6k4 X X 9k2 3k8 Cm
  • Weight of Product: 72 G
  • use it for :Legs
  • Provide support for scrotum.Recommended after surgery and in the treatment of many scrotal problems.Polyester soft knit stretchable pouch and light adjustable vestband will not slip or ride up.
  • One size fits all with vest adjustment belt.Back pain is an unfortunate, but very common in pregnant women.
  • Use of a maternity support belt can provide benefits like less backache, reduced pressure on the bladder, less varicosities and swelling, improved circulation in pelvic region also provides comfort during exercise. Flamingo Scrotal Support gives you a great relief.
  • Recommended following surgery and in treatment of many scrotal problems.
  • Soft knit stretchable pouch and support to the cremaster muscle.Light adjustable waistband. Waistband will not slip or ride up.
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