Sara Sg Lemon Dishwashing Liquid 709ml

Sara Sg Lemon Dishwashing Liquid 709ml
  • The amazing scent of Lemon makes doing dishes downright delightful.
  • In addition to great scent, it contains the right cleaning ingredients to provide great dish cleaning.
  • Concentrated.
  • Cuts through grease.
  • Get to shine your dishes with great drop of Sara Sg Lemon Dishwashing Liquid. This cleaning liquid contains Lemon that is powerful and efficient adequate to kill germs thereby cleans your utensils or vessels effectively.
  • Its powerful formula removes dust, sticky oil stains and stubborn burnt food residues from utensils and makes them sparkles and safe.
  • Removes foul smell and gives a refreshing lemon fragrance
  • Liquid that is harsh on stains, but gentle and safe on your hands
  • Leaves sparkling clean utensils; does not damage the surface of delicate cookware
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