Royalford Teflon Plus Baking Tray 24cm, RF6632, Red

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  • Brand:Royalford
  • Model Number:RF6632
  • Type:Baking Tray
  • Color:Red
  • Material:Aluminium
  • Interior Made of: Teflon
  • Baking surface: 24cm
    • Cook, Bake, Roast & more in this versatile round non-stick baking tray.This tray is of the absolute best quality. The tray is uniquely designed to handle different culinary needs and bake to satisfaction. With features such as heat resistance and non-stick capabilities, this pan is perfect for any kitchen setting.No one wants to deal with separating their food from a tray once it has gotten stuck during baking.
    • This roasting pan is coated with non-stick, specifically made to avoid the annoying trouble of a sticking pan. This pan is crafted with highly durable material to keep unwanted sticking at bay. This round non-stick tray can be used to make tarts, fruit pies, pudding, cookies, chocolate, cheesecakes, pizza, etc
    • Avoid the inconvenience of having to deal with a pesky tray that lets food stick, and go with this valued non-stick tray is the best choice for all your cooking needs. This roasting tin is designed for regular use in busy kitchens. It's built from warp-proof, rust-resistant carbon steel, so it's assured to last and last. Lifting your roast beef joint from the rack, or taking your potatoes out from the pan is really easy too.
    • ENJOY HASSLE-FREE COOKING - Take the hassle out of everyday cooking, roasting, and baking with this versatile, durable baking tray. A generously proportioned, roasting pan that makes light work of perfect turkey roasts, big beef joints, and more. Roast perfect, crispy meat and poultry in a healthier way.
    • TOUGH & DURABLE - It is expertly crafted with non-stick surface carbon steel build, specifically developed for baking and roasting. It comprises two layers for extra durability and to ensure baked-on bits are easily removed afterward.
    • NON-STICK COATING - The roaster pan features a premium design that ensures your turkey roasts will not stick to the bottom of your roasting tin for hassle-free cooking and easy cleaning.
    • VERSATILE & CONVENIENT - Great for making gravy on the stovetop - suitable for use on direct heat sources like gas and electric hobs. And it is induction safe too.
    • MULTI-PURPOSE ROASTER PAN - This roasting tin is a kitchen necessity for every keen cooker - the perfect way to make those Turkey, chicken or beef, and much more. Perfect for Sunday roasts!
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