Royalford Stainless Steel Peeler with ABS Handle, RF8923, Black

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  • Brand:Royalford
  • Model Number:RF8923
  • Type:Peeler
  • Color:Black
  • Material:Stainless Steel
    • Royalford Professional Stainless Steel Peeler if your old vegetable peeler is making hard work of even the simplest of tasks, then it's time to replace it with our original Royalford multi-peeler. It will speed things up in the kitchen, have you eating healthier and leave you wondering why you hadn't done these years ago! With stainless steel blades that cut both in an upwards and downwards direction, your cutting, peeling and slicing times will be halved.
    • It makes light work of peeling fruit, slicing vegetables, grating hard and soft cheese and shaving chocolate. You can even create beautiful garnishes to decorate your dishes with in just a few moments.The Royalford Lancashire Peeler boasts a sharp stainless steel blade that removes the toughest of fish, fruit and vegetable skins with ease. Double-sided stainless steel blade with eye-picker. Very a-peeling!
    • NON-SLIP GRIP - The soft, over sized handle is designed for repetitive strokes and is non-slip, even if your hands are wet.
    • EASY TO STORE - Finished peeling? This peeler will fit nicely in just about any kitchen drawer or utensil holder. Alternatively, hang it on display with its built-in hanging loop.
    • PEEL TO PERFECTION, BUILT-IN BLEMISH REMOVER - The Peeler has a durable, built-in eye remover which carves out blemishes without ruining your produce.
    • SMOOTH MOVES - The sharp, stainless steel blade glides through even the toughest fruit and vegetable skins with ease, removing the peel without wasting fruit.
    • 2 IN 1 BLADES DESIGN - Unlike many other straight peelers, there are 2 fairly sharp blades in this stainless-steel piece. You can either push forward or pull backward, feeling freer when doing the peeling work.
    • CUSPIDAL HEAD DESIGN - In order to wipe out the rotten parts of the fruits or vegetables, we use cuspidal head design. You can dig out the rotten parts fairly easily with the pointed head.
    • ERGONOMIC HANDLE - Our handle is made of ABS material which is highly durable and ergonomically designed, serving you a very comfortable gripping feeling.
    • EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE - This straight peeler is quite easy to clean after peeling fruits or vegetables. The hole at the end is for easy hanging storage. It is dishwasher safe.
    • DESIGNED FOR EFFICIENT PEELING - Our peeler also includes a built-in garnishing feature for creative presentation of your food and make peeling fish, potatoes, vegetables, and fruit an absolute breeze with this original Peeler. Ideal for peeling carrots, asparagus, potatoes, apples, etc.
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