Royalford RF8832 One Click Series Long Floor Broom

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  • Brand: Royalford
  • Type:One Click Series Long Floor Broom
  • Model: RF8832
  • Material: strong metal
    • The Royalford Long Plastic Broom is the remedy to all your cleaning woes.
    • The high-quality plastic broom head of this broom set offers durability and lasts long.
    • Thanks to the premium quality handle, this broom offers steady grip while you clean.
    • It's often said that a 'clean home is a happy home'. But when you've been tirelessly sweeping on bended knees and the aches begin to set in, it can leave you in a rather stormy mood.
    • With the help of Royalford's long-handled broom, however, you don't have to suffer for a spotless home! The brush features a tried-and-tested, long-handled design.
    • This means you can go about effortlessly sweeping dust, dirt and debris from your floors without having to bend down.
    • Simply glide the sweeping brush's durable bristles over carpets, laminate, linoleum, tiled or marble flooring - you'll have them spic and span in no time. Clean your home of every speck of dust and dirt in minutes with this Long Broom.
    • The high-quality plastic broom head of this broom offers durability and sustains prolonged rough use.
    • Thanks to the good quality cleaning brush of this broom offers optimal cleaning performance.
    • There's no need to worry about leaving any dirt behind. Storing this broom set is convenient as it occupies less space.
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    Brand Royalford
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