Royalford PET Plastic Canister with Lid 600ml, RF9814, Clear

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  • Brand:Royalford
  • Model Number:RF9814
  • Type:Canister
  • Color:Clear
  • Material:Plastic
  • Capacity:600ml
  • Dimension:48.0 x 31.0 x 59.0 cm
  • Weight:150gm
    • If you wish to make an excellent addition to your pet food storage or modern kitchen in terms of storage, Royalford pet container is a great solution. This storage container save a lot of space in your kitchen cabinets and have an ergonomic design. This container ensure that every inch of space in your cabinet is utilized in the best possible way. This container has airtight lid that keep the content fresh inside the container and also ensure easy opening. This container is easily stackable anywhere in your kitchen cabinet. This container even allow you to store biscuits, sugar, salt, spices herbs and much more. Now organizing your kitchen essentials has become a lot easier with this container of 600ml jar.
    • This 600ML multi purpose jar is a storage jar and is suitable for dry food storage. It is completely sealed and airtight but is not suitable for liquid products. The lid of the container is tight and doesn't rotate spirally. When you take it out of the kitchen cabinet or other places, please take it out from the bottom of the container or the waist of the container, so as not to feel depressed because the storage is poured out. Suitable for storage of pet food and also can be used in kitchen to store snack, nut, dry good, spice, tea leaf, etc.
    • TRANSPARENT MATERIAL – This Royalford Storage jar has a small Visual window for will provide a perfect view to see the things placed in the canister need not bother turning over.
    • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN – When you need to take the content out from this canister like dried pert food, or even seeds of peanut seeds and peanuts, it can be poured directly onto a dish, after removing the lid has a curved edge to prevent overflow when pouring out food.
    • HIGHLY DURABLE & SAFE – This storage container is made of BPA free high quality long-lasting transparent material, it is healthier and environmentally friendly. And it is the best choice for kitchen/pet organizations.
    • STRONG AIR TIGHTNESS, 600ML LARGE CAPACITY – This Large size jar has an airtight design that keeps the content airtight and fresh. This jar is ideal for food that is crispy or easy to get spoil when kept in the air like treat biscuits, pedigree, and more.
    • WIDE MOUTH, FLAT BASE – The container has a wide mouth easy to fill the content without spills and has a broad base that keeps the grip to the container to the floor.
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