Royalford One Click Series Toilet Brush, RF8835, Red

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  • Brand:Royalford
  • Model Number:RF8835
  • Type:Toilet Brush
  • Color:Red
  • Material:Plastic
  • Dimension:44.0 x 44.0 x 48.0 cm
    • Sleek and sophisticated but dependable and durable, our toilet cleaner is the highly rated cleaning tool that makes toilet washing quick and easy. With our toilet brush, your bathroom will look gorgeous and will make cleaning an enjoyable and fulfilling experience! Once a tedious chore, cleaning the toilet is made easy and effortless by our new toilet brush and holder set.
    • The strongest toilet scrubber around, our plastic toilet brush is fitted with top grade deep cleaning no-scratch bristles. Crafted out of plastic, the long handle is ergonomically designed to make cleaning easy. Accompanied by a toilet brush holder that keeps the scrubber out of sight, this toilet brush set is the best bet for discretion.
    • The bristles of our toilet brush are strong enough to last long and plastic handle is indestructible. I know you had never thought of a toilet brush that could give your home and bathroom a new look. But now here it is!
    • Easy To Use And Effective Toilet Cleaner: With Our Well Designed Brushing Bristles That Built To Be Tough And Sturdy To Answer All Your Cleaning Prayers. Easily Penetrates And Cleans Hard To Reach Areas. Have Your Mind At Ease Knowing Your Toilet Is Clean From What You Can And Cannot See. Our Toilet Brush And Holder Is Hygienically And Aesthetically Keep Your Bathroom Clean And Tidy. Made of High Quality Plastic , Durable And Won'T Break Easily.
    • Plastic Build - Well Designed And Ergonomically Friendly Toilet Brush With Plastic Case And Handle. The Holder Is Compact And Lightweight For Easy Movement. Sea MLessly Stored Within Any Bathroom Without Looking Out of Place. You Deserve This Easy To Clean, Durable, Handy Product To Be Sea MLessly Placed Within Your Toilet. Absolutely Essential With A Lightweight Design This Product Is Easily Portable.
    • Ideal Toilet Brush - Its Unique, Round Head Is Designed To Get Into All Those Hard To Reach Areas And Its Bristles Are Widely Spaced With Superb Scrubbing Power And Coverage To Prevent Dirt Clogging. Helping You Reach Into Every Last Nook And Cranny of Your Toilet Bowl, This Easy-Reach Toilet Brush Is Ideal For Ensuring Your Loo Is Sparkling Clean. Ideal To Use In Home, office, Hotel!
    • Durable And Practical Handle - The Long Length of Royalford Toilet Brush With Modern Design Ensures You Have A Good Reach As You Wash Your Toilet Easier. It Is Constructed With Plastic Handle That Is Very Strong And Will Never Rust Or Break off. The Round Design of Our Toilet Brush Protects Your Hands From Stains And Splashes As You Wash Your Toilet. And The Beautiful Red And Grey Color Makes It Ultra-Stylish So That You Can Relax As The Guest Will Be Pleased With Clean Toilet.
    • Easy Storage - No One Wants To Look At Toilet Brushes Hence Why We Implemented The Storage Holder To Protect You And Give You One Less Thing To Worry About. It Slots Neatly Into Own Holder After Use, Remaining Discreet In Your Bathroom. Our Dense Construction And Extra-Large Design Ensures The Brush Stays Fir MLy In Place And The Durable Bristles Distort Less Over Time Than Those of Conventional Toilet Brushes.
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    Brand Royalford
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