Royalford Ironing Board Cover 122X39cm, RF1514-IBC, Multicolor

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  • Brand:Royalford
  • Model Number:RF1514-IBC
  • Type:Ironing Board Cover
  • Color:Multicolor
  • Material:Fabric
  • Scorch & Heat Resistant: Yes
  • Size:122X39cm
  • Weight:260gm
      The ironing board cover is super easy to attach thanks to the practical elastic. Simply stretch over the ironing board. East to use, ensures additional, non-slip hold. The cover is suitable for all standard ironing boards.Royalford premium Cover is thick and of the highest quality. Your iron will move smoothly across the cover for a better ironing experience. High-temperature resistance, not easy to fade. Faster Ironing - Especially with coarse fabrics such as shirt collars, jeans, cuffs, or firm and thick tablecloths, the iron-on protection cloth and the cover is a real relief.
    • DURABILITY - Ultimate thick iron cover which does not rip or tear easily like the other covers. Royalford cover is heavy duty made from highly durable quality material made to last years. This cover is thick which is one of the most-strongest materials in the market.
    • IRON FASTER WITH REFLECTIVE HEAT - This Iron Board cover surface reflects the heat of your iron so you achieve perfect, wrinkle-free clothes in a fraction of the time. It’s like having the iron heat on both sides of your clothing at the same time.
    • FITS ALL BOARD SHAPES - This ironing board cover has a flexible elastic cord that allows you to fit the cover on all shapes of ironing board covers easily. This includes narrow-nose or wide-nosed ironing boards.
    • SECURE NON-SLIP FIT - Thanks to the very strong edges cord this cover is easy to install and will stay very tight without moving on your board. You can fully focus on your clothes! Washing Tips: Cold gentle wash when required.
    • SUITABLE FOR STEAM IRONS - The ironing board cover is highly steam permeable. The clever layer padding with a felt layer and special insert reflects steam and prevents condensation. Also suitable for steam ironing stations with a steam boost.
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