Royalford Iron Wok Pan With Wooden Handle 30cm, RF10248, Silver

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  • Brand:Royalford
  • Model Number:RF10248
  • Type:Wok Pan
  • Color: Silver
  • Material:Iron
  • Cooking surface:30cm
  • Dimensions:49.1 x 30.2 x 12.8 cm
  • Weight:850gm
      The Royalford Wok Pan is processed by traditional craftsmanship through multiple days. You can recognize hand hammered surface, but still smooth by thousands of hammering. There is no coating, still non-stick. Reactive Iron Material will from a protective layer when used. The longer you use, the better wok works. This Wok is pre-seasoned. Blue black wok is fully prepared while white woks need a season process. You can just wash with water and start to use. 30cm is best size for professional chefs. This is good size to cook for 6~7 dishes. 30cm Woks are for home use and mid-size restaurant orders.
    • HEALTHY WOK PAN - This Wok Pan is made of iron, which makes cooking more fragrant, so that the human body absorbs more iron elements and supplements the trace elements needed by the human body. There is no coating on the surface, no PTFE and PFOA. Care about your family, from the iron pan begin.
    • WOODEN HANDLE - This pan uses high pressure, nitrating, hand forging, and fish scale design, which is not only beautiful, but also not easy to stick to. This wok pan comes with wooden handle so it makes string easy while cooking.
    • EASY TO CLEAN - The Wok Pan is manufactured through multiple processes, with stable molecules, not easy to oxidize, not easy to rust, easy to clean, easy to store.
    • BETTER LIFE - You can use this wok pan to create a variety of delicacies. Our wok pan is convenient to carry and easy to store.
    • VERSATILITY - In addition to stir-frying, with the Royalford Iron Wok Pan, you can cook healthy meals using various traditional cooking techniques like pan-frying, braising, and deep-frying.
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