Royalford Galaxy Double Wall Stainless Steel Hot Pot, RF10544

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  • Brand: Royalford
  • Type:Galaxy Double Wall Stainless Steel Hot Pot,
  • Model: RF10544
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 5000ML
  • Size: 30x13cm
    • The Royalford Galaxy Double Wall Stainless Steel Hot Pot is made for preserving the temperature of hot and cold foods.
    • The thick wall insulation ensures the food inside maintains its thermal temperature over a while allowing you to eat warm meals without having to reheat your food and therefore preserving healthy nutrients and tastes.
    • When you have finished cooking your delicious meal simply pop your spare food into this food container insulated dish, designed to help keep food warm.
    • The same applies to cold food; if you have prepared a salad and want it to keep cold but there is no room in the fridge, just pop it in one of the insulated dishes!
    • Features 3500ml capacity, perfect for people who love to entertain guests.
    • It is made up of highly durable material and this hot pot is made from strong heat resistant and food-safe stainless steel material that will keep food cool or warm for up to long hours. So now potatoes and sauces stay warm for a long time and desserts refreshingly cool; ideal if you expect many guests or have shifted a meal a bit. Ideal for chapati's, roti's, rice dishes, savoury stews, delicious desserts, and much more
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    Brand Royalford
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