Royalford Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale 5.0Kg, RF9980, White&Blue

  • Royalford Digital Kitchen Scales with Bowl.Follow your favourite recipes with the help of a Royalford digital kitchen scale. The white and blue weighing scales will look the part in any kitchen, and because they have a very slim profile (only 1.8cm!) they can be stored away easily too. The removable plastic mixing bowl can be used to weight all the ingredients you need in one go, so there's less mess and less washing up to do! As well as weighting dry ingredients, this scale can also measure wet ingredients/fluids too. Simply select the correct unit according to what you wish to start measuring.
  • We're all used to measuring one way or the other, and the ability to change the unit means these scales can suit whoever is using them at the time. Switching between different units of measurement couldn't be easier, simply touch the unit button to choose between grams (g), milliliters (ml), fluid ounces (fl. oz), or pounds and ounces (lb.oz). The stainless-steel weighing platform can weigh up to a maximum of 5kg/11lb. It is widely used in food, ingredients, milk, cereals, buttons, drugs, chemicals, and pets. It is ideal for food intake, diet, weight loss, and meal preparation.
  • SUPER ACCURATE, LCD SCREEN - A super-accurate clock face shows your weighing increments down to 5g, so you’ll always get it to spot on. An ideal companion if you’re watching what you eat, this Salter kitchen scale is perfect for portion control. Digital Kitchen Scale Via the integrated LCD display, when you toggle between oz, ml, lb, kg, it’s an easy-to-read digital display, there’s little chance for confusion, you will get a correct measurement---a real benefit for serious bakers.
  • PRACTICAL BOWL - Flip up and down for usage and storage. Detachable design, free mix ingredients, easy storage in small size, be used as a space-saving protective cover and directly measure without the bowl.
  • VARIOUS WEIGHT UNITS, ONE-PRESS TARE - This kitchen scale features different weight units which can be easily and manually switched by pressing the UNIT button: g / kg/oz/lb/ ml / plus a separate mode for weighing liquid or milk volume. A convenient tare button for tare calculation allows you to subtract the weight of a plate or container, making it easy to achieve accurate readouts for ingredients.
  • DIGITAL KITCHEN SCALES, MULTI-FUNCTION - An essential for any modern kitchen, these digital food scales provide flawless weight measurements to help you achieve precise cooking with perfectly measured ingredients. Satisfy all your measuring needs from large meat, beef, pet, cat/dog food, hair colour to small coffee, mail, postage, letter, jewellery, seed, drug, and more.
  • AUTOMATIC PROMPT ALERT - The Royalford digital food scale has a built-in feature that would alert you when the unit is overloaded or has a low battery. It also has an automatic shutdown feature. This is important to avoid damaging the unit.
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