Royalford Dust Pan, RF8612, Grey

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  • Brand:Royalford
  • Model Number:RF8612
  • Type:Dust Pan
  • Color:Grey
  • Material:Plastic
  • Dimension: 35 x 22 x 7 cm
    • The Royalford Dustpan is the remedy to all your after cleaning woes. The high-quality polymer dust pan offers durability and lasts long. Thanks to the premium quality handle, this dustpan set offers steady grip while you clean and sweep up muck or dirt. And comes in stylish color to give it sleek look!
    • It's often said that a 'clean home is a happy home'. But ever imagined how difficult it is to pick the unwanted dirt and dust after cleaning, thus Royalford presents you with the durable, cost effective dustpan which will surely become your favorite after cleaning Tool in home and Office. Simply glide the dust pan over floor, tiles, carpets, laminate, linoleum, tiled or wooden flooring and pick all the dirt - you'll have them spic and span in no time.
    • Clean your home of every speck of dust and dirt in minutes with this Royalford Dustpan. The high-quality dustpan offers durability and sustains prolonged rough use. What's more? It comes with hanging loop for easy storage, thereby occupies less space and making it easy to store away.There's no need to worry about leaving any dirt behind. With the dustpan's flexible rubber lip, dirt always ends up in the pan.
    • SWEEP AND SCOOP - It's made of strong plastic, which makes it a great choice for anything from annual spring cleaning to regular kitchen sweep-ups! In order to complement your existing dust broom, this great dustpan has a wide enough mouth to match your broom's head. The dustpan is rigid yet flexible enough to be moulded as necessary to the floor.
    • RUBBER LID - This dustpan is equipped with a white rubber lid attached at the edge to make sure that what you sweep on the pan does not slide back and helps remove up all the dust in one go. The dirt moves up into the dustpan, clearing the mess with fewer strokes. Simply brush your mess up into the pan, which is made easy with the rubber dustpan lip. The dustpan also has a ridge on the inside to keep particles from sliding right back out. Makes sweeping simple and ache-free.
    • COMFORTABLE HANDLE - The handle is ergonomically designed for stability and your comfort, minimizing muscle strain on your wrists and hands & the tall design takes the pain out of sweeping.
    • EASY STORAGE - Dust Pan has a balanced, lightweight construction featuring a rubber lid for easy pick up of waste. The dustpan has been designed to be attractive and uses bright shiny colour. This dustpan is easy to store underneath your kitchen sink with the convenient hook provided. A strong solid design followed. This looks the best and does the job well- Why settle for anything less!
    • DURABLE, COST EFFECTIVE & STYLISH DESIGN - Made of stronger and more durable polymer material it really is built to last. This product will last for years to come and will provide a worthwhile investment. No matter what the task this dustpan will stand up to the job! Sweeping up muck and dirt or larger items, no need to worry the pan will stand up to the job!
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