Royalford Double Wall Stainless Steel Airpot Flask 3.0L, RF8336, Silver

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  • Brand:Royalford
  • Model Number:RF8336
  • Type:Flask
  • Color:Silver
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Capacity:3.0L
  • Dimension:18.8 x 35.6 x 20.4 cm
  • Weight:2.14kg
      Rounds of tea and coffee are common for most mornings, whether it is office or home. So get the Royalford RF8336 Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask, which keeps your beverage warm or cool for long. Within its sturdy Stainless Steel body is a double wall for insulation, so the temperature of your warm or cold beverage is maintained. Moreover, this Vacuum Flask has a pump-style dispenser for easy dispensing of the contained beverage.
    • SIP WITH CONFIDENCE - Royalford's vacuum insulation technology locks in temperature to preserve taste and freshness and keep drinks hot or cold for long hours. The pouring spout simply dispenses your drinks with a simple lever pump so that anyone can easily use it.
    • STAINLESS STEEL INNER - Keep that drink piping hot for up to 20 hours or cold for up to 20 hours. And unlike other carafes that keep beverages in constant contact with plastic, our airport coffee carafe has an interior that is 100% stainless steel. So your drinks never steep in plastic.
    • ALL-DAY CAPACITY, USER-FRIENDLY - No longer have to heat water for tea or coffee makers. Our double-walled thermal beverage dispenser has a spacious capacity of 3 litres enough for around 15 to 20 cups of coffee. Perfect for at home, in the office or at parties. The largemouth opening makes filling and cleaning easier. It can even be used over ice for an extra cold snack. Its outer body feels cool when filled with hot liquids and does not condense with cold drinks.
    • GREAT FOR TRAVEL - Are you going on a road trip or a picnic? Our thermal Air pot Flask dispenser prevents accidental spills during transport. Just slide the button aside and it clicks into place. The surface of the thermos always feels cool for added security. Take it wherever you want with your healthy drinks and keep it fresh throughout your trip.
    • MULTIPLE USE - It is the preferred supplier of beverage equipment for social events, restaurants, hotels and other commercial catering establishments. This vacuum bottle is designed to meet the durability and performance needs of hospitality professionals. A popular choice as this unique commercial dispenser keeps drinks hot and cool.
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