Royalford Bamboo Slotted Turner, RF5111, Brown

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  • Brand:Royalford
  • Model Number:RF5111
  • Type:Slotted Turner
  • Color:Brown
  • Material:Bamboo
    • Wooden Choice - This Bamboo spatula utensil set is the way to go when searching for the absolute best choice of culinary flippers. Forget the metal spoons, and claim your very own wooden spatula for all your baking and cooking needs. Easy to hold and control, these spatulas are perfect for cooks of every level.
    • High-Quality Materials - With a high handle grip for better handling and bamboo built material this piece of kitchen equipment is the perfect tool for making all sorts of edible creations. This spatula always delivers the finest quality and performance, at the best possible price.
    • Multi-Surface - This utensil set is uniquely crafted to be suitable for all kinds of cooking surfaces to ensure full capability. This also includes being able to function well on non-stick surfaces which are the preferred choice of the surface when cooking finer meals. This spatula is made to resist wear themselves and be easy on surfaces as to not damage them. Preserve the quality of all your cooking utensils with this Bamboo spatula.
    • NON SLIP GRIP - Perfectly located and designed handle for easy gripping and more control of the utensil. It has a sturdy gripped handle which doesn't slip from your hands.
    • HEAT RESISTANT - This product is made natural bamboo which will protect your food taste and even doesn't burns your hand while cooking.
    • DISHWASHER SAFE - Have no worries about putting this utensil in your dishwasher, because it is made to endure the average dishwashing cycle without taking or causing any damage.
    • MULTI-SURFACE USE - This uniquely designed product is suitable for all cooking surfaces including non-stick. Protect your utensils from damage and increase their life.
    • EASY TO STORE - This Royalford slotted turner has a hanging hole which makes it easy to store and avoids clutter in your kitchen.
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    Brand Royalford
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