Royalford Aluminum Non-Stick Heavy Flat Tawa 30cm, RF8446, Black

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  • Brand:Royalford
  • Model Number:RF8446
  • Type:Tawa
  • Color:Black
  • Material:Aluminum
  • Size:30cm
  • Dimension:33 x 29.5 x 0.35 cm
    • Everyone loves good food and a lot many people love cooking, but there are so many of us intimidated with baking. It is commonly assumed that baking is a difficult task and often results in several failed attempts with deflated scones, under baked bread and rock hard cookies. With the The Royalford aluminium Baking Stone for Pizza - Bread - Scones etc. - 30cm (12 inch) Diameter - Seasoned Non-Stick Surface, baking becomes an extremely simple task, which anyone can do with ease and in style.
    • Durable Material and Non-Stick Coating - The Royalford aluminium Baking Stone for Pizza - Bread - Scones etc. - 30cm (12 inch) Diameter - Seasoned Non-Stick Surface is made with durable and strong aluminium. This material is long lasting, and with a little care, this griddle pan will be a regular in your kitchen for a long, long time. It is coated with a food grade, high-quality non-stick coating which makes cooking and baking with it even easier. The coating ensures minimal use of oil and butter when cooking and results in smooth and clean cakes, cookies, breads etc. without the batter sticking to the pan.
    • Large Space For Cooking and Concave Design - The Royalford aluminium Baking Stone for Pizza - Bread - Scones etc. - 30cm (12 inch) Diameter - Seasoned Non-Stick Surface has a 30 cm diameter which is wide enough to cook large batches of foods with ease. The slightly concave centre allows oil and other cooking substances to stay and not spill over to the sides.
    • SUITABLE FOR MULTIPLE TYPES OF COOKTOPS: Seasoned Non-Stick Surface is suitable for multiple types of cooktops such as gas, electric and modular cooktops. This ensures easy cooking for all types of kitchens! It is great food cooking all types of dough based foods. It ensures heat spreads evenly across the surface for consistent cooking without hot spots.
    • EVEN COOKING FROM ALUMINIUM MATERIAL: Made of strong and durable aluminium material that is easy to handle and cook with. It ages well and when handled, it lasts for a long time without much effort. The durable aluminium surface heats up evenly and ensures food is cooked evenly with evenly distributed heat.
    • NON-STICK SURFACE: This griddle pan is already pre-coated with food grade high-quality non-stick material. This enables the user to cook with little to no oil. Enjoy foods that are lighter and healthier with the same crispness and deliciousness. The slightly concave surface ensures oil doesn't run off. There is also an integral handle for transferring the stone that can be used as a hanging hook.
    • STYLISH DESIGN: It has a stylish and contemporary design with a sleek and flat shape. It is slightly curved in the centre with an attached handle. This stylish griddle pan is must have in every kitchen. It will surely add more class and style to your cooking space.
    • HANDLE AND CONCAVE DESIGN: This griddle pan has a slightly concave centre which ensures that the oil or other cooking substances do not drip over the sides of the pan. It also comes with a stylish attached handle that allows the user to easily use the pan and also helps to hang the pan from a hook when it needs to be stored away and it is lightweight making easier lifting, and less chance of accidents.
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