Roxbury Park Dog Club All Paws on Deck

Roxbury Park Dog Club All Paws on Deck
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  • Binding:Paperback .
  • Categories: 6-8 years, 9-12 years.
  • Whatís better than being best friends? Being best friends who volunteer together at the Roxbury Park Dog Shelter. With a focus on friendship, family, and cute canines, Roxbury Park Dog Club is perfect for tween readers who snap up books from series like Cupcake Diaries and Candy Apple, or for anyone who loves dogs.
  • In this fourth book, Kim has to face the fact that while understanding dogs is easy, keeping up in class can be hard. Her parents are talking about sending her to a different school if she doesnít improve her gradesówhich would mean leaving the Dog Club!
  • To get through this crisis, Kim will need a helping hand (or paw) from all her friends..
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