Roxbury Park Dog Club A Bone to Pick

Roxbury Park Dog Club A Bone to Pick
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  • Binding:Paperback.
  • Categories: 6-8 years, 9-12 years.
  • Whatís better than being best friends? Being best friends who volunteer together at the Roxbury Park Dog Shelter. With a focus on friendship, family, and cute canines, Roxbury Park Dog Club is perfect for tween readers who snap up books from series like Cupcake Diaries and Candy Apple, or for anyone who loves dogs.
  • In this sixth book, the Dog Club is busier than everóand headed right for its first big fight!
  • Sasha doesnít think itís fair that sheís stuck answering calls and emails while Kim, Taylor, and Bri donít have to worry about the business side of the Club.
  • But when she tries to speak up, the other girls donít get it. Now theyíre mad at SashaÖ and it feels like the Dog Club is about to fall apart.
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