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Roland XPS-30 Expandable Keyboard Synthesizer

Roland XPS-30 Expandable Keyboard Synthesizer
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  • Mobile performance keyboard with pro sounds, enhanced features, and battery-powered operation Includes all the sounds from the popular XPS-10 and JUNO-Di, plus updated acoustic and electric pianos and additional regional sounds Wave expansion slot enables users to download new sound waveforms, available for free at Rolandís Axial website
  • Sample import function with twice the memory capacity of the XPS-10 Version 2.00 software supports multi-sample import for professional sound creation
  • Large graphic display and hands-on knobs/sliders for easy navigation and editing Eight Phrase Pads for triggering samples and audio songs stored on USB memory Mic input and dedicated Reverb, Vocoder, and Auto Pitch effects for impressive vocal performances Intuitive eight-track pattern sequencer with non-stop recording for quickly developing song ideas USB audio/MIDI and DAW Control mode JUNO-DS Tone Manager and Librarian allow editing and managing the keyboardís onboard sounds from your computer

Product Description

  • POWER PERFORMER The XPS-30 starts with the great feature set of the popular XPS-10 and adds many powerful enhancements that performing players will love.
  • Stage essentials like acoustic and electric piano sound even better, and the internal waveform set can be easily expanded with free sound collections from Rolandís Axial website.
  • The selection of regional instrument sounds has been increased as well, and more user samples can be imported (including multi-sample import) thanks to the doubled onboard memory capacity.
  • Thereís also a built-in eight-track pattern sequencer for capturing songs and ideas, plus a convenient mic input with dedicated vocal effects.
  • Mobile and Ready to Perform.
  • Easy to carry and easy to use, the XPS-30 is an ideal keyboard for performing musicians.
  • It ís filled with ready-to-play sounds like pianos, organs, strings, brass, and synths, plus authentic local sounds from around the world.
  • And with its ability to run on batteries or AC power, youíre able to take the XPS-30 anywhere you want to play.
  • High-Quality Pianos and Regional Sounds Gigging keyboardists rely on acoustic and electric pianos more than any other sounds, and these essentials have been newly enhanced in the XPS-30 for improved tone and response.
  • In addition, the regional instrument selection has been expanded, providing even more versatility for local playing.
  • The complete sound sets from the XPS-10 and JUNO-Di are also included, and patches from those keyboards are fully compatible with the XPS-30.
  • Deep Editing and Real-Time Controls With its intuitive, instant-access design, the XPS-30 makes it simple to call up excellent sounds on the spot.
  • But if you like to customize things, you can dive deeper and tweak patches and performances with detailed precision.
  • The front panel also includes numerous hands-on knobs and sliders for creating patches and adjusting sounds while performing, while the rear panel features jacks for connecting hold and expression pedals for further real-time control.
  • Get even more creative with Wave Expansion and multi-sample import To complement its impressive onboard sound set, the XPS-30 supports internal waveform expansion via USB for unlimited tonal range.
  • Over 1000 EXP sounds are available for free download at Rolandís Axial website, including top-quality acoustic piano collections, world instruments, go-to studio standards, percussion, loops, and more. If donít find what you need there, itís even possible to load in WAV sounds from your personal library and play them from the keyboard.
  • Version 2.00 software supports multi-sample import for rich and expressive sounds, along with the creation of custom drums and percussion kits.
  • Out of the box, the XPS-30 comes with the versatile EXP-06 Studio Collection preloaded in the wave expansion slot.
  • Phrase Pads for Triggering Songs and Samples The XPS-30 is equipped with eight Phrase Pads (two more than the XPS-10), allowing you to supplement your keyboard performances with samples or music files stored on USB memory.
  • Just load up the pads with whatever you likeóone-shot samples, vocals, sound effects, loops, or complete music tracksóand trigger them with a quick touch when needed.
  • Mic Input with Vocoder and Auto Pitch If youíre a solo performer or singer/songwriter, youíll love the XPS-30ís mic input, which lets you get great vocal sounds without having to carry around extra gear.
  • Thereís a dedicated vocal reverb, plus Auto Pitch for singing with the popular ìsteppedî electronic vocal effect heard in a lot of modern music.
  • The built-in vocoder is big fun too, allowing you to sing into a mic and control the tone and pitch via sounds played on the keyboard.
  • Eight-Track Pattern Sequencer When you have an idea for a song or beat, you can easily capture and develop it with the onboard pattern sequencer.
  • The intuitive, non-stop operation wonít interrupt your creative flow, letting you build up full arrangements with multiple sounds in no time.
  • The sequencer is also perfect for enhancing live performances with pre-made backing and on-the-fly looping.
  • Music Production Partner The XPS-30 is not only great on stageóit works great for computer music production as well.
  • The integrated USB interface provides a solid front end for a mobile or studio recording setup, allowing you to record MIDI and audio data, including sounds from the mic input.
  • Thereís even a dedicated DAW Control mode for controlling your music software from the XPS-30ís front panel.
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