Rokus Dog Venicon Dog Food 410 GM

[8710862055743] ROKUS DOG VENISON 410 GM
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  • Brand :Rokus
  • Pet Life Stage :Adults
  • Pet Type :Dogs
  • Measuring Unit: 410g
  • Pet Life Stage :Adults
  • Quantity :1
  • Complete food for adult Dogs
  • Suitable for all Dog breeds
  • A dog food specially prepared for dogs. It is suitable for dogs in terms of content and is a good food nutritional value. It is present in the foods that dogs need. The aim of Rokus canned dog is to provide more healthy and durable dogs. Before mentioning the suitability of canned rokus for dogs, let us talk about some important things about dog nutrition.
  • Dog feeding is an important issue and should be addressed. Therefore, the foods taken must be selected carefully. It must be nutritious and of good quality to suit the dogís sensitivities. To understand that the dog food you are taking is harmful to your dog, you need to be familiar with either the ingredients or the changes in your dog. For example, if you buy a poor food, your dog:
  • Acceleration of hair loss
  • Do not consume more food ñ obesity
  • Matting of species and skin color
  • Frequent illness and late recovery
  • Continuous sleep
Brand Rokus
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