Rokus Cat Apetit Junior Can 410g

[8595093502910] ROKUS CAT APETIT JUNIOR CAN 410g
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  • Brand :Rokus
  • Pet Life Stage :Adults
  • Pet Type :Cats
  • Measuring Unit: 410gm
  • Pet Life Stage :Adults
  • Quantity :1
  • Complete food for adult Cats
  • Suitable for all Cat breeds

1) Rokus cat chicken canned food is not a suitable food for cats with high grain rate. Cats do not need high amounts of carbohydrates.

2) Rokus cat chicken canned food attracts attention with its very low meat ratio. The animal protein, which is essential for cats, is not at a level to meet the needs of cats due to the decrease in the proportion of meat.

3) Rokus cat and chicken canned food is a poor quality and unhealthy food because it consists of meat derivatives.

4) The preservatives contained in it are dangerous for the health of cats.

Some Tips for Feeding Your Cat Healthy:

1) Make sure that your food is not cold or hot.

2) Do not give your cat food where it is in the toilet, because cats do not like it.

3) Always keep clean water next to your catís food.

4) If you are going to change your catís food, you should do it gradually. Otherwise, you have extended the process of getting used to your catís new food and may cause digestive problems.

5) Never give your cat raw meat, salami, sausage, delicatessen products such as sausage, nutrients such as fishbone. If you feed your cat in this way, you will endanger your health and cause unhealthy nutrition.

Brand Rokus
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