Reversible Faux Sheep Skin Massage Mat

Reversible Faux Sheep Skin Massage Mat
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  • Type:Massage Mat
  • Color:Black/Brown
  • Material:Sheep Skin
  • Size:160 cm x 54 cm x 2 cm
    • Reversible Faux Sheepskin Household foldable Massage Mattress Sleep Beauty Spa Heating Vibrating Head Neck Leg Massager Bed Cushion Massage Therapy Mat Massager
    • Massage Reversible faux massage Mat Can be used for sofa, chair, bed and many other Built-in massage ball Three sub-groups vibration control Features heating function designed to improve blood circulation High, medium and low massage modes Two usable sides: cool aerated fabric and warm faux sheepskin Manually adjustable speed Displays nine massagers Reversible mat Dual speed controller
    • Thick polyester fabric and poly foam cushion.
    • 5 vibration massage motors (upper back neck area, mid lumbar region and lower lumbar region).
    • Easy-to-use LED hand controller lets you choose your massage zone, speed, and intensity level.
    • Regular use can promote smooth body meridians, enhance immune cell activity and may relieve discomfort and reduce pain, reduce fatigue, relax body and mind quickly.
    • Improves anemia, poor circulation has a good supporting role.
    • This Massage Mat emit soothing heat providing a relaxing massage for entire body
    • Perfect way to unwind/relax after a long day works
    • Full Body Massage
    • Massage Mat is easy to store
    • Simply roll it up when not in use
    • Secure massage mat on your favorite chair with elastic straps
    • Convenient handle strap makes it easy to transport your massage mat
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