Protech Tablet Stand, Tabstd103

Protech Tablet Stand, Tabstd103
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  • Brand: Protech
  • Model Number:Tabstd103
  • Type:Tablet Stand
  • Color:Silver
    • Standsfree makes reading,working,watching movies or any activity with your tablet easy,more accessible and handsfree.
    • The floor stand will fit Spple IPad 10.2 Inches and 9.7 Inches as well as most other tablets including iPad,iPad Air,iPad mini,Microsoft Surface,Kindle,Samsung Galaxy and many more with or without their cases or protective skins.
    • Standsfree allow you to save yourself from the hand and neck fatigue associated with tablet use and clears up desk space. Use Standzfree while reading, watching movies, viewing recipes,exercising,playing music,and working.
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