Princess Cotton Candy Maker (PRI-292993)

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Product Details
  • Brand : Princess
  • Model : PRI-292993
  • Product Type : Cotton Candy Maker
  • Voltage: 220/240 Volt
  • Power: 400 Watt

    Complete your party with homemade candy floss. The Princess 292993 Candy Floss Maker changes sugar into delicious candy floss within minutes. Afterwards you can easily clean the removable bowl. You will be the star of your children’s birthday parties.

    Suitable for regular sugar

    There is no need to use special sugar to make candy floss in the Princess Candy Floss Maker. You can just add regular sugar to make delicious sweet clouds. Of course you can also add a splash of color to the candy floss by using colored sugar or making your own (naturally) coloured sugar with food dye.

    Easy to clean

    You can easily remove the bowl and clean it with some water and dish detergent. Just let the candy floss completely cool before you attempt to clean it. The base stands sturdy on any surface thanks to the antislip feet.

    Easy to clean

    The Tristar blender can be disassembled completely which allows you to clean all parts of the blender thoroughly. Besides, the plastic housing is easy to clean as well. Another simple way to clean your blender quick and easy is to put warm water and a drop of detergent in the blender. Turn on the blender for a few seconds and your blender is already clean!

    What’s in the box:

    Princess Candy Floss Maker, measuring spoon, colorful holders, instruction manual

    Reasons to choose the Princess Candy Floss Maker:
    • Make your parties complete by preparing homemade candy floss
    • You can use regular or coloured sugar
    • Complete with measuring spoon and colourful holders so you can start right away
    • Easy to clean thanks to the removable bowl
    • Heats up quickly thanks to the 400 Watt power
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