Precious Skin Vitamin E Soap, 80gm

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  • Brand:Precious Skin
  • Type:Soap
  • Targeted group:Men & Women
  • Quantity: 80gm
  • Skin Type:Normal Skin
    • Authentic from Thailand! Brightening, Anti-aging & Moisturizing Body Soap! Clean your skin thoroughly, while also nourishing the skin with the value of VITAMIN E
    • Helps to exfoliate dead skin cells.
    • Helps the skin look radiant, soft & smooth.
    • Coconut oil is high in Vitamin E
    • Stimulates the creation of collagen under your skin.
    • Improves your skin elasticity
    • Moisturizing, helps prevent premature aging
    • Reveals new skin to look brighter & glowing
    • Maintains skin to be smooth and clear
    • Evens skin tone throughout the body
    • Concentrated Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals which cause of skin cells detrioration.
    • Palm Kernel oil with more than 80% saturated fatty acid.
    • Elaeis guineensis kernel oil, especially lauric scid a fatty acid that provides excellent soap making properties
    • Face and body soap and moisturiser na mga beshy safe for pregnant and lactating mom's. Vit E Soap
    • Vitamin E Moisturizing Soap
    • Skin care soap, smooth texture With nourishing vitamins E That combines the natural value of Sunflower oil.
    • To serve as moisture balance, reducing dryness, cracking, irritation, slowing fine lines, dark circles and dark spots While protecting UV rays in the sun, revealing smooth, soft, moist, natural glow.
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