Precious Skin Natural Vitamin E & Peach Body Mask, 50gm

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  • Brand: Precious Skin
  • Type:Body Mask
  • Targeted group:Men & Women
  • Quantity:Body Mask 50gm + Free Powder Body Mask 6gm
  • Skin Type:All Skin Type
  • Mask Type: Cream Mask
    • The Vitamin E & Peach Body Mask is a brightening and whitening body cream that instantly whitens skin in just minutes! It leaves your skin smooth, flawless, whiter and brighter! You can use it everyday in any part of the body.
    • Made with AHA, this cream is concentrated yet
    • Precious Skin Body Mask provides whitening, deep moisturizing and nourishment to improve skin elasticity.
    How to use:
    • Apply the cream on dry and clean skin.
    • Leave on for 30 mins.
    • Simply wipe off with damp cloth.
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