Posey, the Class Pest, Volume 7 (Daisy Dreamer)

Posey, the Class Pest, Volume 7 (Daisy Dreamer)
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  • Binding: Paperback .
  • Categories: 6-8 years, Children.
  • Daisy brings her totally true imaginary friend, Posey, to visit her totally real school in this seventh Daisy Dreamer chapter book.
  • Nerd alert! Guess what? I, Daisy Dreamer, have a big confession.
  • I love school. You know what else I love? Posey. Heís my totally true imaginary friend.
  • So if I were to mix school and Posey together, then I would have the absolutely, most perfect day.
  • Obviously. Unfortunately, sometimes mixing two great things together makes for an absolutely huge mess, like grape juice and fluffy carpets, or lollipops and long hair.
  • Well, I would not recommend mixing school and Posey together, unless you love having a classroom pest.
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