Pop Goes the Bubble Trouble, Volume 8 (Daisy Dreamer)

Pop Goes the Bubble Trouble, Volume 8 (Daisy Dreamer)
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  • Binding: Paperback .
  • Categories: 6-8 years, Children.
  • When bubble creatures start disappearing from the World of Make-Believe, Daisy and Posey are on the case in this eighth Daisy Dreamer chapter book.
  • When Posey spots the quarter vending machines with plastic bubbles filled with tiny toys at Daisyís local store, he tries to talk to them.
  • But when they donít answer, Daisy explains that the bubbles are just toys in the real world.
  • So Posey invites Daisy to the World of Make-Believe, where, of course, thereís an entire world inside of those machines!
  • Bubble creatures happily live in their plastic capsules, but it turns out thereís a tiny problem.
  • A giant has been ìborrowingî those bubble friends! Can Daisy and Posey save those bubbles before they go pop?.
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