Playgo My Vacuum Cleaner B/O

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  • Brand: Playgo
  • Staying clean and its importance can be taught to your kid at an early age, with the help of this vacuum cleaner playset
  • Bright and attractive authentic looking vacuum cleaner to help your little boy and girl get trained into cleaning
  • Easy and fun with real vacuum function. ON and OFF button and fake waste vacuum bag to empty
  • FUNCTIONAL SUCTION: Like its native cousin, the vacuum cleaner once activated sucks in dirt and pieces of paper The toy comes with pretend play dirt to mimic real dirt
  • IMMAGINATIVE: The little helpers can make believe they are cleaning up, and work alongside mom and dad carrying out daily chores in the household
About This Item
  • With this colorful vacuum cleaner, even the little ones can playfully help shape the household.
  • Vacuuming becomes exciting with glittering flakes, light effects and background tones
  • Children's vacuum cleaner with glittering flakes, light effects and sounds
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