Plastic Pushup Handle, Black

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  • Type:Pushup Handle
  • Color:Black
  • Material:Abs Plastic
  • Length:Medium, 5 ft
  • Sport:Workout, Fitness, Gym
  • Handle Features: Roated
  • Mountable: Yes
  • Ideal Usage: Commercial, Office, Home, Gym
    • HIGH INTENSITY PUSH-UPS: Amplify your workout to the next level and increase definition in your arms, shoulders, chest, triceps and abs. Muscles, engaged
    • LESS STRAIN ON YOUR WRISTS: The easy-to-grip handles distributes your body weight evenly, reducing pressure and strain on your wrists by positioning your body at a neutral stance. No more awkward wrist twitching for you
    • NON-SLIP, STABLE BASE: The non-slip rubber base securely grips well on all floor surfaces, so you definitely won’t fall flat on your face mid way through your push-up
    • LIGHT AND PORTABLE: So you can always squeeze in a workout wherever you go, from the office to your hotel room
    • Workouts Accommodated: Muscles Developers, Push Ups, Sit Ups, Deeper push-ups, Strengthen and sculpt shoulders, Strength Training
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