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Pinpoxe Ear Cleaner Kit, White/Blue

RT-Ear Cleaner Kit
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  • Brand:Pinpoxe
  • Type:Ear Cleaner
  • Color:White/Blue
  • Battery Life:40000hrs
  • Batteries:9 LR44 batteries required. (included)
    • LOW NOICE AND HIGH SUCTION: it has a premium motor which average life would up to 40,000 hours and more. it’s super suction can be remove the power & blocky earwax easily with pretty pain free experience basis on the acceptable sound environment. As well as feel wonderful massage because of the slight vibration and cool wind blowing while working the ear wax removal kit. People said it's excellent work on sleeping time
    • THREE IN ONE FUNCTION: 1. there is a little led lamp bulb shine into the ear tunnel to make sure anything would really clear by sight 2. the head of ear wax removal tool work on the tough ear wax to be easy cleaning 3.Vacuuming the remains of ear wax and thoroughly clean them all.you just need to turn on it and find itchy area to work with slowly and lightly.then the earwax would automatically suck into the dirt bin
    • RELIABLE AND QUALITY APPROVAL: we pack with two different sizes of ear cleaner heads which are made of soft flexible eco-friendly PE materials perfectly suit for adult and kids with any age. it’ll get along with ears well instead of any hurt, even not scratch the ear canal as well. as qualified ear wax remover supplier, we insist on strictly QC standard and examination so that we got CE certificate, definitely safe and reliable
    • USE AND WASH NOTES: pull the head and filter net out to rush washing and wipe it dry then give them back. Do not washing the object and never allow to push it into the ear canal too hard to damage the eardrum. consider of kids safe, it's better to help with parents. it is a love and care expression gift as well. Now let your lover and kids know how much you love them, and how much cares you want give them all the time
    • EASY TO CARRY: With the potable professional package set, so you can put it in your hand bag and use it anywhere, easy to say goodbye to the trouble of itchy ears, avoid a lot of embarrassment.
    • Electrification: Electric ear wax removal kit replaces ordinary metal ear cleaner and makes life easier
    • Three In One Function: Ear wax cleaner adopts unique three-in-one function design, Led lighting, ear cleaner head, suction, so that you can easily deal with earwax
    • Not Easy to Damage: The shell of ear wax remover is made of high strength ABS material, which is smooth and comfortable. Even if it falls to the ground unexpectedly, it is still intact
    • Quality Control: Earwax removal kit have passed CE safety certification, and ensure that all products will be tested before they packing
    • Applicable Population: You can use ear cleaning kit by yourself or you can help to clean ear wax for someone else. Applicable to all people over one year old
    • Simple to Use: Put the scoop head of ear wax removal tool insert in the top of it.Long press the switch bottom to start.Long press the lighting bottom(you don’t need this operation for your own use).Don’t put it into the ear so hard and anything else to damage the eardrum. Clean so Easy. After finish, just pull the scoop head out of it and wash it and air dry
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