Polargel Ergo Pillow

Pillow Polargel Ergo
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  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - Made from advanced, non toxic materials, the PolarGel Pillow is cool and soft to the touch, conforming to the contours of your body.
  • The pillow's temperature is lower than room temperature, but for an even cooler feeling, just place in the fridge before us

Hot Weather or Hot Flashes?

  • Facing yet another sleepless night is a living torture.
  • Whether you can't sleep because of hot flashes or the summer weather, heat is a major barrier to an essential night's sleep.
  • Thankfully you can restore your sleeping patterns & your sanity with our PolarGel Cool Pillow.

The PolarGel Pillow Will Rescue You From Sleepless Nights & Ensures You Sleep Cool

  • Regular pillows concentrate heat around your head  & keep you flipping your pillow back and forth in search of a cooler spot. Not any more!
  • Advanced cooling gel regulates your body temperature by dispersing heat evenly throughout the pillow. Soft & cool to lie on, the PolarGel cooling pillow conforms perfectly to your body's contours.
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