Philips Series 7000 Replacement Shaver Head

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  • Brand: Philips
  • Model Number: SH70/50
  • Type : Shaving Accessory
  • Ideal for: Men
  • GentlePresicion blades
  • Fits product type: Shaver series 7000 (S7xxx)
  • Shaving heads per packaging: 3
  • Cleaning: Use cleaning spray HQ110

Replacement heads for Shaver series 7000

  • SH70 replacement heads are compatible with Shaver series 7000 (S7xxx) and Star Wars shaver SW7700
GentleTrack blades enable a close, skin-friendly shave
  • The newly designed blades comfortably cut hairs in the most optimal cutting position, thereby reducing irritation caused by tugging and pulling
Super Lift & Cut shaver for a comfortably close shave
  • The dual blade system built into our electric shaver lifts hairs to cut comfortably below skin level for a closer shaving experience
Replace your shaving heads in just two steps
  • The latest Philips shavers have an inbuilt replacement reminder in the form of a shaving unit symbol. This symbol will light up and indicate you when to replace shaving heads
Easy to replace shaving heads
  • 1. Open the shaver by pressing the ""release"" button; 2. Remove the retainer by turning the lock counterclockwise; 3. Take out the old shaving heads and carefully insert replacements; check that the heads align exactly in the setting; 4. Replace the retainer and secure it by turning the lock clockwise; 5. When you close the shaving head properly, you will hear it click into place
Reset your shaver after replacing shaving heads
  • After replacing shaving heads, you can reset the replacement reminder by pressing the on/off button for more than 7 seconds. Otherwise, replacement trigger will turn off automatically after 9 successive shave
Reset your shaver to new
  • To get back to 100% performance, replace your shaving heads every 2 years
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