Perfect Skin Lady Vitamin E Miracle White Underarm Cream, 15gm

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  • Brand:Perfect Skin Lady
  • Type:Underarm Cream
  • Targeted group:Women
  • Quantity:15gm
  • Skin Type:All
  • Made in Thailand
    • Whitens underarm
    • Prevents chicken skin
    • Prevents ingrown hair Skin care cream, smooth texture With nourishing vitamins E That combines the natural value of Sunflower oil.
    • Cream to cherish the skin, soft and smoothness
    • Reduces the Dry skin and controls oiliness of skin
    • Keeps the skin moisturize and exfoliate the skin
    • Reduces Dark Spot, Wrinkles, Freckles and Melasma
    • Lighten up your Scars, Stretch Marks, Underarm and other dark areas.
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