Perfect Skin Lady Snail White Gold Super Active Serum, 40ml

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  • Brand:Perfect Skin Lady
  • Type:Serum
  • Targeted group:Women
  • Quantity:40ml
      Snail beauty fluid is a substance extracted from Snail, can promote skin metabolism,activate the aging cells of cells underlying,increase skin elasticity and whitening, there is also Hyaluronic Acid in the gold essence,pure Snail essence nanoparticles can quickly penetrate into the skin inside,the skin surface remaining 5 nanoparticles can block the outside light,the skin damage caused by dust.
    • Reduce Acne, Freckles, Reduce Dark Spots.
    • Enhanced Formula With Substances From The Snail.
    • Golden Gold helps To Deal With Problems With The Skin Pigmentation Which Cause Of Dull Skin.
    • Strengthen White Skin With Abright Face That Looks Younger.
    • Small Molecule. Light Texture. Quickly Absorbed.100% Breakdown deep Into It.
    • Gentle 0% With Alcohol, Paraben And Preservative
    • Moisturizing, whitening, shrink pores, pulling compact, oil control
    • Anti-wrinkle, brighten skin color, anti-aging,remove red blood
    • Quickly penetrate the skin,replenish moisture and nutrients required for the skin,improve uneven skin tone and dark dumb,and can lock moisture,long-lasting moisture,leaving skin supple as new.
    • Suitable: All skin types, especially dry and rough dull skin.
    How to Use:
    • After cleansing,apply 2-3 drops of the right amount of liquid applied to the face, gently massage until absorbed.
    • Central to both sides by facial massage gently until absorbed.
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