Paraspa Disposable Paraffin Hand Gloves (Peach), 6 pairs (12 pieces)

Paraspa Disposable paraffin hand gloves (Peach)
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  • Brand: Paraspa
  • Product Type: Paraffin
  • Flavour: Peach
  • Quantity: 6 pairs (12 pieces)
  • The thermal effect paraffin wax hand mask enriched with active and natural substances deeply moisturizes the hands while facilitating the absorption of ingredients for a smooth, nourished and protected skin, it also has a comfortable aromatic scent and perfect texture, helps to give you smooth skin and rich in moisture.
  • Features:

  • It gives you smooth skin; It gives you a comfortable aromatic scent; Helps deeply moisturize hand; It contains natural nutrients. 10 minutes theraputic paraffin gloves. Microwave: Put gloves in the microwave on high heat for 2-3 minutes or until the heat indicator (little heart) is red. If paraffin not melted, heat for an extra 30 seconds. Remove form microwave and wait until the heat indicator is turns black. When the gloves are ready, cut one open at the time and slip your hands inside. Wait 10 minutes for full relaxation and moisturizing effect.Velcro straps included to hold the socks in place on the wrists.
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