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  • Type:Oven & Cookware Cleaning Paste
  • Quantity:500gm
    • Ethereum Oven and Cookware stainless steel cleaner paste with unique formulation which contains the main ingredients of natural powdered ore and extract from active botanical plants. It contains no harmful ingredients, It is widely used for various products and cleaning surfaces for household items like Stainless steel, Kitchen ware, Oven, stove tops and other stubborn stains (especially stain coming from scorching, smoke and black bilge build up).
    • Waterless Cleaning: The cleaner cleans polishes and protects all surfaces in one step, quickly removes stains, removes grease, glazes and moisturizes. In the absence of water, items can be cleaned quickly.
    • Strong Decontamination Ability: The rust stain remover contains an active factor that can promote rapid penetration of water solvent and decomposition of grease. Orange oil has a natural decontamination capacity and is accompanied by a fragrance.
    • Eco Cleaning Paste: The cleaner is non-toxic, no chemicals, no bleach, and anti-tarnish formula. Coconut oil can provide the surface with moisture, leave a protective layer.
    • Remove and Finish Condition: The coconut oil can moisten the surface of the object to compensate for moisture and form an antioxidant film on the surface, reduce dust cover and re-contamination.
    • Wide Applications: Multipurpose stainless steel cleaning paste. It can clean all kinds of worktops, refrigerators, dishwashers, oven grills, stainless steel cutlery, stainless steel oil stains etc.
    • Non-ionic surfactant, strong penetration, deep decontamination.
    • After removing the stains, a protective layer is formed to prevent rust and comprehensive maintenance.
    • Dissolves dirt, grime & detergent residue.
    • This superb product cleans all types of enamel, porcelain, ovens, cookware, and patio furniture
    • The stainless steel cleaning paste cleans the home kitchen and removes the black scale of pot bottom.
    • Suitable for metal products, stainless steel products, such as kitchen utensils, ovens, tableware, pot bases, taps and range hoods.
    • Ceramic products: floor tiles, ceramic tiles, sinks, bathtubs.
    • Plastic products: computer case, air conditioner cooler, engine hood, etc.
    • Auto parts: glass and bathroom mirror
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