Our Generation BD31173ATZ Jenny Deluxe Doll with Book(Cupcakes Apron)

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Product Details
  • Brand: Our Generation
  • Model Number:BD31173ATZ
  • Toy Category : Dolls
  • Age Grade: 3Y
  • Dimensions:31.75cm X 12.70cm X 50.50cm (LxWxxH)
  • Weight:1.80kg
  • Hair Colour :Blonde
  • Product Description

    Follow the tips below to keep it silky smooth:

  • For best results use a round-tipped wire brush.
  • Lightly mist with water before brushing.
  • Divide hair into sections; brush one at a time, starting at the bottom.
  • For wavy hair, be gentle when brushing ends to preserve curls.
  • For tight curls, finger-style small sections, twirling as you go. Tightly braiding hair while damp will help control frizzy ends.
  • Never use styling products or heated tools of any kind, they will damage your doll.
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    Brand Our Generation Dolls
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