Oudy Bukhoor

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  • Brand:Oudy
  • Type:Portable Incense Burner
  • Color:Multicolor
  • Material: PCTG + S.S.
  • Battery Capacity: 350mAh
  • USB Charging: 5V/0.3A
  • Size: 85.7x50.7x23mm
  • Weight: 55gm
    • By using a new low-heat burning technology, Oudy transforms smokable oud oil into Bakhour, leaving you with the best scents of the finest Agarwood
    • Easy to use and hold
    • Safe on hair and cloths
    • Variety of capsules smell
    • Can be used anywhere and during travel
    • Substitutes ordinary Mabkkhar, Charcoals and lighters
    • Gives 40 presses, each is 5 second long
    • Same smell from the beginning of the process till the end, unlike Bakhour that varies according to the chip quality
    Price BHD15.000
    Brand Generic
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