Organic Bamboo Wooden Hair Brush Massage comb - Brown/Black

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  • Type:Hair Massage Comb
  • Color:Brown/Black
  • Material:Bamboo
  • Square shape
    • The material is made of pure natural organic bamboo, pollution-free and eco friendly. No static electricity and feels good in hand
    • Detailed, Polished for smoothness between hair, seamless between use, no any paint. The material of organic bamboo is warm in winter and cool in summer, and it is not slippery.
    • Organic bamboo is rich in natural minerals and is anti-static. Your hair will feel SMOOTH and smells GOOD! Anti-static and none-tangled hair. Combing your hair once in the morning and evening to protect from falling off more hair
    • This hair comb provide the ultimate versatility in styling your hair or beard.
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