Organ Night Cream- 20ml

Organ Night Cream- 20ml
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Product Details
  • Brand: Organ
  • Product Type: Skin Care
  • Size: 20ml
  • Item Form: Cream
  • Properties: Bouncing face
  • Suggested For: For those with blemishes, freckles, wrinkles, blemish reduction
Product Description
  • Organ Night Cream Skin care products to reveal radiant skin. Reduce dark spots, acne scars, freckles with ingredients from SHARK ATELOCOLLAGEN SS, TRANEXAMIC ACID, SODIUM HYALORONATE, ROSA CENTIFOLIA, and ARGANIA SPINOSA that nourish and restore the skin to look healthy
  • Enhances Moisturize to the skin
  • Makes the skin supple. Helps to soften the skin naturally and helps reduce dark spots, blemishes, freckles to fade
  • SHARK ATELOCOLLAGEN SS : Collagen extract from deep sea shark from Japan
  • ARGANIA SPINOSA EXTRACT : Argan oil extract
  • SODIUM HYALURONATE : Sodium Hyaluronate
  • ROSA CENTIFOLIA EXTRACT : Extract from 3 species of roses
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