ONSON Robot Vacuum Cleaner, E35

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Product Details
  • Brand:Onson
  • Product Type: Vacuum Cleaner
  • Color:Black
Product Description
  • YOUR HOME AUTOMATICALLY Let the stress of having to spend valuable time vacuuming disappear with this next generation upgraded robot vacuum sweeper. This handy vacuum allows you to get your housework done quicker and more efficiently
  • LOW PROFILE DESIGN The low-profile design lets it slides underneath furnitures and the obstacle detection makes it clean around household objects.
  • Just place the smart robot vacuum cleaner on your floor and choose from the selectable cleaning modes.
  • BUILT IN BATTERY Rechargeable battery allows the unit to be used without having to be connected to a power source. This gives the vacuum a full range of motion so it can get into every area to leave it clean and the unit has operation LED light indicators.
  • Precision Low Light Navigation E35 navigation stays precise in bright rooms and even in dark ones, keeping cleaning effective at all times.
  • Powerful 2000Pa Suction Strong suction easily lifts dust from floors, automatic carpet boost switches to full power on carpets for deeper cleaning.
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