OnePlus Gaming Triggers, Black

FC-OnePlus Gaming Triggers, Black
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  • Brand:OnePlus
  • Type:Gaming Triggers
  • Color:Black
  • Material:PC+ Zinc alloy
  • Dimensions:37.6x28.8x25.2mm
  • Weight:22gm
    OnePlus Gaming Triggers
      Today, mobile games play an integral part in the lifestyle of youth.During the design process of the OnePlus Gaming Trigger we specifically targeted players of Battle Royale-style multiplayer mobile games including PUBG, Call of Duty, Free Fire, and more.
    Screen Response Conduction
      Thanks to tactile buttons that interact with your device display through capacitive conduction, you gain the ability to respond quickly to any action in your game.
    Tactile Feedback Designed for e-sports Like many gaming mouse products designed for e-sports, the OnePlus Gaming Trigger uses Omron switches to provide users with better tactile feedback based on what happens in-game. Adaptable to Multiple Smartphones
      Designed with flexibility in mind, the OnePlus Gaming Trigger can easily be adapted to fit a wide range of Android and iOS mobile phones, even when screen protectors and protective cases are equipped. Maximum device thickness required is 11.5 mm.
    Side Independence
      Usage of each of the triggers is independent to the side of the device they are placed on, enabling you to use either of them on both the left and right-hand side of your device.
    Brand One Plus
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