N.7 Linguine 500gm

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  • Brand:De Cecco
  • Type:Pasta - Linguine
  • Quantity:500gm
  • Product Origin:Italy
  • Allergy Advice:No added preservatives
  • Storage Guidelines:Store in a cool and dry place
    • De cecco linguine pasta is a ligurian speciality; it is of a flat tagliatella shape. Serve de cecco linguine with fresh or canned tomato sauces, with vegetables and seasoned herbs, with quick hot sauces, such as with a drop of extra virgin olive oil, garlic, red hot peppers and anchovies.
    • One can also cook de cecco linguine with fish sauces with shellfish and fruit de mer, white sauces made with milk, mascarpone, soft and melted cheeses, adding spices such as saffron, radish curry and ginger.
    • Cooking time: 11 minutes recipes with linguine:: - linguine con la bottarga - linguine with tomato sauce ingredients: water, durum wheat semolina.
    • Delicious flat and narrow pasta
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