Our Generation BD31243Z Cassie and pet Samoyed

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  • Brand: Our Generation
  • Model Number:BD31243Z
  • Toy Category : Dolls
  • Age Grade: 3Y
  • Hair Colour :Black
  • Product Description
  • We’re a very special generation, aren’t we? We don’t feel the need to define who we are, we’re just us and proud of it.
  • Whether we’re washing cars to support animal shelters, writing letters to help save polar bears, or remind our parents to recycle their newspapers, we’ve proven ourselves both smart and full of heart.
  • This is our time.
  • Time for a walk with a furry friend!

  • Cassie wears a casually cool outfit. Featuring a pair of dark blue, distressed jeans, a cosy lilac jumper and a glossy turquoise vest.
  • She’s always ready for some outdoor fun!
  • This dog lover is always looking to make her pooch smile. Use the rope, ball, bone toy and comb to mix things up and treat your furry friend to a day of unforgettable fun!
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