Best Way Sand Filter 2600gal -58486

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  • Brand:Best Way
  • Item Number:58486
  • Colour:White/Gray
  • Type:Sand Filter
  • Power source type:Corded Electric
  • The Bestway® 2600 gal Flowcear™ Sand Filter is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly way to keep clean water flowing through your above ground pool water clean.
  • It’s also far more cost effective than running a traditional filter pump system as the pump uses silica sand instead of a filter cartridge. Where a filter cartridge may need replaced every 2 weeks, silica sand only needs to be changed once every 3 years.
  • The pump works by draining pool water through a hose and into the filtration system. Although water passes through the system with fantastic ease, the silica sand is so compact that it traps dirt and debris. Filtered water is then pumped down a separate hose and into the swimming pool inlet.
  • Separating debris from sand, when the pressure gauge indicates that the corrosion proof tank is full, is a simple case of turning it to its backwash setting. Once it has been separated, a waste hose is attached and the rinse valve is turned, flushing filth and debris to a suitable deposit area.
  • The Sand Filter is compatible with,100-66,600 L (300-17,600 gallons). It makes an excellent upgrade to a traditional filter pump and is a fantastic way to enhance your above ground pool.
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